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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Whatsapp Double Blue Tick - What it means

OK, so yesterday I was chatting to this girl, who I must admit, am kinda fond of, but I ain't gonna take any action towards that, and its not the subject of this article. What suprised me is after sending her a message as usual, I got the single tick, then the usual double tick, and after a few seconds, both ticks turned BLUE! I could not get angry, for starters, Blue is my favourite color, and green my worst color, so having a bit of Blue on the predominantly Green whatsapp is a welcome development for me.

What is not welcome for me is unexplained behaviour on  a platform I'm so used to, and I am confident I'm not the only one who was disturbed by this new development, or at least baffled. A number of my friends have posted on various social media platforms asking whats happening, especially on Facebook and Twitter, so I took it upon myself to research. Could it be because Mark Zuckerberg loves blue, as in Facebook Blue?

The Past (Normal) Behaviour

All along, as we all knew, Whatsapp would give you a single tick , indicating that the message had been sent to the intended recepient, and another tick (Technically, a line not tick) to indicate that it had been delivered to the other person's phone or whatever communications device ther are using. 

Whatsapp even talked about this on their Twitter Account:

The second tick only indicated delivery and not . . .  Got that?

. . . and the explanation for blue ticks

I hope this also explains why I love Blue and obviously hate Green
Now, after delivery, you can easily tell that your message had been read, and that is what the two blue ticks indicate: That the intended recepient has read your message. What this means is the girl you are chaffing has actually opened your chat and (presumably) read it, you can now wait for the response (Maybe its positive, after all). Yes, they can still open that chat, and close it without reading, so it's still not conclusive.

If you send a voice note (I hate those) the blue ticks indicate that your recording has been played. (That girl has actually taken time to listen to my voice on the recording)

Since there has not been an official statement, these are just suppositions but other users have also started seeing a double check in group chats where normally only one would appear, meaning everything indicates that WhatsApp is at minimum planning a few changes to appear in coming updates.

While this new feature may end the confusion surrounding the original double-check syndrome, it of course won’t eliminate the problem. How many people do you know who are constantly checking a person’s last connection time or online status? Now you’ll no longer have the excuse that you haven’t read that message.

Talking about delivery reports, you can use an even more powerful marketing tool in the form of Bulk SMS, which give you a report on who received your SMS and who didnt, and you are guranteed they will be read, so why not try Bulk SMS and see for yourself


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