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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Africom Android Internet Settings

I have had problems every time I try to reconfigure any new Android phone using the Africom line. By the way, Africom uses CDMA technology, which is different from the 'normal' GSM lines we are used to, the ones on Econet, Telecel and Netone. A CDMA device, like my current Lenovo smartphone, cannot be used with a GSM line, and the reverse is also true, there a few but major differences that are not in the scope of this post, so I will not delve into those.

Like I said, it has always been a hustle getting to set-up my Android device with the Africom line, and I am sure this has also been an issue for a number of people as indicated by Google's search results. A normal Google search for the configuration for Africom will show you that a number of people have faced the same problem (Google suggests the search terms, showing it is not a once off search item, a bit of Google analytics here, but we will talk about this in another post). Unfortunately all the links I got had no solution on configuring internet settings for an Android phone, with TechZim Answers offering various solutions that are only for the Africom Dongles.
Google suggests the correct terms, meaning a lot of people have searched for this on Google

Every time I have faced this problem I have resorted to calling them, (Customer care number for Africom being 400, toll free from all Africom lines), or chatting with them via their website (And they always respond via both website chat or phone calls, unlike Econet, notorious for not being able to answer most calls to its customer care numbers). Africom is very helpful, try them.

So this is what I got as the solution if you have an Android phone, especially the older ones (Android 2.x etc).

Setting Name Value
APN Name Africom (or anything you can remember)
APN africom
Username 648448644253159@africom.co.zw
Password africom001
MCC 648
MNC 44
IP Version ipv4v6
Authentication Type pap or chap
Prompt Password #777

These are all the settings you need, anything else leave it as the default. So if you continue facing challenges after this, you can still get in touch with them using their toll free number, if this helped you, leave a comment in the box below so we can help others too.


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  2. Replies
    1. Did the article help you? We're you able to connect?

  3. Great article. Got a US GSM/CDMA phone. Calls and everything were OK, but didnt get the option to set APN. But this info is helpful

    1. I am happy to have helped someone out there! Thank you.

  4. not working on my xiaomi mi max pro, but its cdma capable.

    1. In that case, you'd need to call the Africom Customer Care guys so they can help you